Pre Purchase / Selling Inspections and New Home Pre Handover InspectionsImage

A pre purchase inspection should be one of the 'subject to' conditions when making an offer on a property. Whilst you have an opportunity, and in fact are welcome to attend at the time of the inspection, it is not mandatory and we can arrange for it to be undertaken directly through the real estate agent.

The inspection is VISUAL only. No structure will be manually probed or tampered with, no furniture or floor coverings will be moved or lifted. Shrubs, trees or garden beds will not be disturbed. There are restrictions on the maximum height of a structure that can be inspected, coupled with reasonable access criteria to roofs and subfloor areas as set out by the Australian Standard.

However, not withstanding, we shall, to the best of our ability, conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection of roof and roof spaces, sub access areas, interior and exterior appearance and out buildings. The inspection and subsequent written report will take into account prevailing weather conditions, age of home and normal wear and tear.

Unit or small home up to 12 sq.
12 - 25sq.
over 25sq.

All prices are inclusive of GST. Multiple dwellings - price on application. There may be a travel surcharge for some areas.